Meet our Village manager

11 May 2021 · News

Earlier this year Dr Amanda Clacy moved into the Vitality Village manager role and has been working tirelessly behind the scenes ready for the Village to open in the coming months. Dr Clacy joined Be last year to take on the Community and Wellbeing Program Architect role following two years with the Sunshine Coast Mind and Neuroscience Thompson Institute where she managed the Alliance for Suicide Prevention.

Commenting on the role, Be Chair Tim Robson said “Dr Clacy is the perfect fit for the Vitality Village manager role and plays a pivotal role in the strategic direction for the Village.”

“Amanda has made a strong contribution since joining us. We are extremely fortunate to have her passion and drive which will help shape and grow the Vitality Village which is set to open very soon.

“Vitality Village has enormous potential to take not just Be forward but other like-minded businesses that are joining us in collaboration. Amanda’s insights and strategic thinking will be critical in delivering our ambitious plans.”

Dr Amanda Clacy said she was thrilled to accept the new position. “I’ve seen first-hand the significant impact that a passionate and motivated community can have on disrupting major health issues when we work together with practitioners and professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds.

“I firmly believe that the Vitality Village and its commitment to collaboration between tenants and the community will result in significant health and lifestyle benefits for current and future generations of people not just here on the Sunshine Coast but also nationally and globally.” Said Dr Clacy.