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Optimism and Resilience – taking care of your wellbeing

Optimism is a key to resilience and taking care of wellbeing. Optimism is a perspective on life which is grounded in confidence that, when the chips are down, the world is a positive place and living in it is a positive experience. This confidence inspires and rewards positive life experiences, which reinforce further confidence, and […]

10 Sep 2020
The Vitality Village site being prepared to commence construction
Development News Media Release

Construction Is Underway on Australia’s First Health Innovation Hub

We’re very excited to announce that construction has commenced on Australia’s first health and wellness hub! Vitality Village will take a collaborative approach to tackle some of the nation’s major health challenges including isolation, loneliness and mental health. Vitality Village will bring together innovators in the not-for-profit, private business and public sectors to collaborate their […]

12 May 2020
Industry News

Creative Ways Of Staying Connected And Engaged During COVID-19

So here we are spending more time at home and imposing self-isolation from friends, family and the community… This new way of life is certainly not for the long-term however it can feel daunting and even lonely at times. As a village we need to support each other through this time as well as invest […]

29 Mar 2020
Industry News

What Do We Do If We Don’t ‘Collaborate’?

Has the word collaboration lost its meaning? What does true collaboration look like and how could we better express it in a way that leads to real action? At Pause 2020, Barbara Soalheiro, onetime editor of Colors magazine and founder of the innovative Mesa team-based work system, provoked us with a claim that the word […]

12 Mar 2020
Work meeting over coffee in shared space

The Vitality Village and Place

In the planning and development of the Vitality Village, particularly in paving the way for its working culture, we are focused on ways of understanding and using place. We aim for the Village to be a home and workshop for its tenants and a destination for visitors. We have already workshopped with placemaker David Engwicht, founder of Creative Communities, […]

3 Mar 2020

How We Plan To Invent the Future of Health and Wellbeing

What is Vitality Village? It’s much more than just a new building… Vitality Village came from a desire to tackle some of our communities’ biggest challenges, to disrupt suffering and create solutions. Vitality Village will connect businesses, innovators, entrepreneurs and researchers to enable solutions that are novel, practical and measurable. In this video, Feda Adra […]

25 Feb 2020


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