The designers of the Sunshine Coast’s new multi-million dollar Vitality Village have hailed the soon to be open health and wellbeing facility as a game changer for collaboration on the Sunshine Coast.

Evoke Projects has managed the creative design of Vitality Village to foster collaboration, creativity, and collective impact throughout the five storey, 4700 m2 building which is located in the  heart of the heath precinct at Birtinya.

Creative Design Director Rebecca Reid says Vitality Village is a design first for Evoke Projects because it’s a building where all tenants from different sectors and backgrounds really want to work together to impact change. “It’s a unique concept to have such a diverse group of businesses who operate in the health sector all located under the one roof.

“Because they want to collaborate not compete, I think when the Village opens a lot of tenants will really appreciate the potential of the concept and the spaces they are working in.”

“The spaces we are creating are designed to bring people together. This includes brainstorming zones for presentations and idea pitching, and multi-functional rooms that cater for training sessions, meetings, seminars and ‘lunch and learn’ programs,” said Rebecca. The mezzanine area on level 2 will really be the heart of the Vitality Village precinct and a place that brings people together, facilitating interactions and conversations.

“I strongly believe that as designers, we have the ability to create environments that can improve the overall health and wellbeing of those that both occupy and visit a space. Without these spaces, tenants would be more inclined to stay within their individual work spaces and never really venture out and get to know their neighbours,” said Rebecca.

Vitality Village is on track to open in June and aims to transform health and wellbeing services on the Coast, by sharing knowledge, tackling challenges, and building a community of best practice through multi-sectoral collaboration.