Vitality Village welcomes The Allied Health Team

29 Jun 2021 · News

The Sunshine Coast’s multi-million dollar health and well-being precinct Vitality Village has welcomed another tenant, the Allied Health Team. Vitality Village is bringing together some of the region’s leading businesses together under one roof as part of a $25 million initiative backed by community services organisation Be and private investment.

The Allied Health Team is a team of allied health professionals including exercise physiologists, occupational therapists and physiologists offering integrated health and wellbeing services including recovery and rehabilitation, performance management and improvement, and early intervention to the community to help people live their highest quality of life.

CEO Ryan Dreves says the move to Vitality Village is exciting and will help expand current services in exercise physiology and occupational therapy. “The potential the Village has for both creating and delivery a higher quality of service is incredible and draws us to this project. Working alongside other industries to improve the health and wellbeing of the Sunshine Coast is something the drives our business.

“Collaboration through Vitality Village is very exciting. Seeing how other industries work, adopting some of their methods, and incorporating them into our industry will be an absolute game changer.

“We’ve already started collaborating with some of our future neighbours and the conversations we’ve been having have been awesome and will be so beneficial to the community as we start to take action.

“Our offices within the Vitality Village are to support our growing team of allied health professionals, so they will help our current team expand.

“We plan on being able to offer new allied health services, which we otherwise would not have been able to do in the spaces we are currently in.

“Vitality Village will force businesses to better themselves for the sake of the community, and every person within each team is going to grow as a result of this.

“As well as introducing more professionals to our current team, we hope to add to our service delivery through physiotherapy, speech pathology, dietetics, osteopathy, psychology, and music therapy.”

Further information about The Allied Health Team is available here and you can learn more about Vitality Village here

Vitality Village is expected to open in July.