We’re very excited to announce that construction has commenced on Australia’s first health and wellness hub!

Vitality Village will take a collaborative approach to tackle some of the nation’s major health challenges including isolation, loneliness and mental health.

Vitality Village will bring together innovators in the not-for-profit, private business and public sectors to collaborate their skills and knowledge to solve global problems locally. This will be underpinned by four sectors including services, innovation, research and education.

It is timely that we are commencing construction of this project given the impact that coronavirus is having on our daily lives. When we came up with this concept, we never envisaged we would face a global pandemic and the purpose of Vitality Village will be to tackle issues such as isolation, mental illness, ageing well and finding ways to better connect our community to promote mental and physical wellbeing.

The Vitality Village will provide an environment for our tenants or ‘villagers’ to identify and deliver significant improvements to health care and wellbeing through collaboration between providers, innovators, researchers and the community.

Together we will disrupt the health sector, create substantial cost savings to the national health budget and achieve better outcomes for all Australians who are facing complex health challenges.

Vitality Village hub will be a five storey, 4700 m2 building in the  heart of the heath precinct at Birtinya which will include designated office spaces with drop-in services, open space for presentations and events, community gardens as well as a café with seating and tables for tenants and visitors.

During the construction phase around 49 full-time equivalent employees will be onsite with around 118 full time positions supported indirectly, for a total employment impact of 168 full time jobs over the next 12 months.

Vitality Village will have a total industry impact of $33.4 million during the construction phase, supporting local jobs and promoting market leading innovation. We anticipate Vitality Village will make a fantastic contribution to gross regional product (GRP) of around 0.15% each year and deliver for local workers and businesses on the Sunshine Coast.

This project is supporting local investment, jobs and related industries like construction, retail and manufacturing.

Post construction, Vitality Village will provide:

The long-term economic benefits of this project are just as exciting as the benefits of a revitalised health and wellness sector for the Sunshine Coast.

With an ageing population and rising national health bill, Vitality Village is a game changer for not just the Sunshine Coast but as a platform that can be rolled out across Australia and globally.

Vitality Village has been designed by Maroochydore based BRD Group and developed by McNab Construction who expect the project to be completed by mid 2021. Leasing enquiries can be made through CBRE Sunshine Coast.