So here we are spending more time at home and imposing self-isolation from friends, family and the community…

This new way of life is certainly not for the long-term however it can feel daunting and even lonely at times. As a village we need to support each other through this time as well as invest in our own wellbeing as we will make it through to the other side- together. We have pulled together some engaging and useful resources to help stay connected during this time.

Virtual visits with family and friends.

Schedule your next coffee break or mealtime with your family using one of the many free video communication tools available or your smartphone, tablet or desktop device (such as Messenger by Facebook, Skype and Facetime app). This is such a great way to stay connected at a time when social visits and events have been postponed. Maybe lighten the mood and create a Snapchat group with friends and embrace their fun and quirky filters.

Mindfulness and meditation

Take care of your wellbeing and give yourself a break from constant news updates. Whether its just five minutes or 30 minutes, look at introducing mindfulness or meditation practises into your day to rest your mind. Try meditating to one of the many meditation music tracks on YouTube, or download a meditation app such as Timeless, try yoga or simply lay back in your favourite chair and focus on taking quality breathes in and out- every little bit counts!

Stimulate your mind

Don’t forget to look after your cognitive health at this time. Why not read a book that’s been on your list for a while or re-read an old favourite and remember why you loved it the first time. Even though our local libraries are temporarily closed they have an abundance of online resources available including free movies, free eBooks and audio books. This is the perfect time to join an online book club and share your good reads with like-minded people far and wide.

Stay physically fit around the home

It’s time to be resourceful and look at new ways to keep active and move your body around your home and local area. Head outside and practice yoga in your garden to build balance and flexibility. Group fitness might have been cancelled so pop on your running shoes and take a run or stroll around your neighbourhood.

Reducing Screen time

We all know the web has so much to offer from news, how-to-videos, exercise tutorials, movies or loose yourself in the many videos of cute cats and dogs to lift your mood. Don’t forget to give yourself time in the day to turn off notifications and give yourself a break from online activity- it’s all about balance.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with feelings of loneliness it is important to raise these feelings with your family and friends otherwise contact Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636 or Lifeline on 13 11 14.