Earlier this month we held our first Vitality Village tenant and partners collaboration event hosting some of South East Queensland’s leading health and innovation experts to collaborate, innovate and share ideas on how to achieve better health and wellbeing outcomes for all Australians.

Industry spokespeople include Dr Sarah Pearson, Deputy Director-General, Innovation, Department of State Development, Tourism and Innovation, provided insights on “building knowledge economies through innovation and collaboration.”

Adjunct Professor Naomi Dwyer, the CEO of the Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service, shared her thoughts on the role of innovation and collaboration in solving problems in the health sector.

The Vitality Village project is being led by Be (formerly ComLink), which has contributed significant seed funding to the project.

Be CEO Feda Adra says the inaugural Vitality Village Partners Collaboration Event for key stakeholders was an important next step in the project’s development.

“While construction is progressing really well, Vitality Village is so much more than a physical building.

“This was the first opportunity to bring together Vitality Village tenants and partners to get to know each other and start conversations around how we can work together to solve health and wellness challenges which will have application both on the Sunshine Coast and right across Australia.

“This is the first of many of these events we will be undertaking, we want to give all Villagers the opportunity to meet regularly so they can build their networks and share ideas.

“We will also take the opportunity to share updates on progress of both the physical Village and the virtual Village.”

Ms Adra says Vitality Village comes at an important time for the Sunshine Coast community as it emerges from the impact of COVID-19.

“We are talking about an Australian first here on the Sunshine Coast that will have the capacity to be rolled out to other communities.

“The Village will tackle key issues so communities can emerge even more strongly since COVID-19, including isolation, mental illness, ageing well and promoting better mental and physical wellbeing.”

“We are looking for like-minded businesses to join with us to disrupt the health sector, deliver substantial cost savings to the national health budget and achieve better outcomes for Australians facing complex health challenges.”

The Vitality Village is currently under construction by local developer McNab. The multi storey building will offer an array of services in the health and wellbeing sector, including aged care, health care, allied health, disability and specialist support services, along with leadership and training, and technology, creative and innovation services. It will also offer a first-class eatery, function rooms and event space, and market garden. Around 49 full-time equivalent staff are currently working on the building during construction.