One of Australia’s largest healthcare workforce providers has expanded its presence on the Sunshine Coast moving into the Vitality Village health precinct last month.

Health Care Australia (HCA) provides staffing solutions across Australia, employing over 5,000 Healthcare professionals every week.

HCA General Manager Adam Hislop-Reynolds says the move to the $25-million Vitality Village was a necessity due to the growth of HCA locally in the last 12 months.

“As a company, we have grown considerably on the Sunshine Coast and Vitality Village will offer us a really good space and the chance to work with similar minded people.

“Our local team of 16 staff are excited to join the Village as we seek to expand our health workforce staffing business. Our office space will triple in size and we see networking with other Village tenants as one of the core reasons why we are thrilled to have moved in last month.

“With the continued population growth of the Sunshine Coast, we see our business as well positioned to grow with the region.

“We want to be part of finding innovative solutions to ensuring the health workforce can keep pace with demand in the region.

“Being at the centre of an innovative workspace gives us that opportunity to offer new ways of delivering health care services and helping to meet healthcare staffing needs.

“We’re really impressed by the beautiful offices as well as the opportunity to network with our neighbours.”

Vitality Village Manager Lisa Ward said she was pleased to welcome Health Care Australia to the Village and looks forward to seeing what they offer to the precinct.

“We’re delighted to welcome Health Care Australia to Vitality Village. They will add diversity to our tenancy mix which will only serve to foster greater collaboration between tenants.

“Collaboration and innovation will flow from this project which will offer our region fresh thinking and new approaches for the health sector with tangible benefits for our community.”